• What does CBD stand for? Cannabidiol.
  • Where does CBD come from? CBD is extracted from hemp. We can trace of all the ingredients for our Hemp & CBD range back to source.
  • Do your CBD products contain THC? There is no THC in any of our Hemp & CBD product range.
  • Is CBD psychoactive or sedative? CBD has no psychoactive or sedative effect in the sense that it will not get you "high" or "stoned". It is non-intoxicating and acts as an anti-psychotic.
  • Is CBD safe? CBD has no known nasty side effects and is not addictive. If you're in any doubt about how medication you're taking may interact with CBD, speak to a medical professional. 
  • How do I take CBD oil? Use the dropper to dispense a dose under the tongue. Hold in your mouth for a couple of minutes if possible. CBD is fat soluble so it is best taken through the membranes in the mouth to quickly enter the bloodstream and engage with the endocannabinoid system. This is also an easy way to consume for those who struggle with capsules. 
  • How much CBD oil should I take? CBD is gentle on the body but it is best to start small and build up should you feel you want to. We suggest a drop in the morning and one in the evening but dosage varies depending on strength of your oil and you can find more detailed dosage information on each bottle.
  • What's the best way to store CBD oil? Ideally in a cool dark place, or the fridge.
  • Any other questions? Feel free to contact us.