About Us


Plantbased Brighton was born in the heart of Kemptown, on the seaside edge of the UK, Brighton. Our organic and vegan treasure trove was a breath of fresh air compared to the grey, commercial high-street operations many are used to.

After spending a year speaking about health and wellbeing with some of Brighton's most interesting and wonderful characters, we were adamant that the future was going greener in every possible way.

From 2018 Plantbased Brighton moved online, freeing our time to research and develop life-changing health and wellness products.

Our passions include:

  • hemp or 'cannabis sativa'
  • superfoods of the land and sea
  • mushrooms and the kingdom of fungi
  • fermentation, probiotics and gut health
  • plant essences and essential oils
  • sustainable systems and ethical environments

We want to give you the knowledge and power to benefit your body, mind and soul by introducing plant-based, wellness products into your lifestyle. We have been blown away by the feedback of our customers. Your support and kind words continue to mobilise our intentions.

We are developing and growing all the time and hope you can join us on our journey. If you are excited about our ethos and want to reach out in any way, do not hesitate to get in contact.

Please enjoy our new website, we are sure there is something here for everyone.

Peace and love,

Plantbased Brighton